Monday, November 16, 2009

Goodnight Keith Moon

Welcome to the official blog of Goodnight Keith Moon!
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Bruce & Clare


  1. This is hysterically funny, both the verses and the drawings. Bravo, well done!

    Congratulations to you both. If they make this into a movie I hope you'll let me play the ghost of Cass.

    Dorothy Moskowitz Falarski
    Former rock performer and mother of your son's beloved.

  2. beautiful!!
    ricardo from brazil.

  3. That's wonderful. "Pile of sick" was such a nice touch. Makes me want to go listen to "Who Are You" except that I lost all my vinyl in a fire years ago. (Sucks to be old.) I'm off to put it on my wishlist, thanks to you!

  4. I pretty much second what everyone else has said, including needing a hard copy. This is one of my favorite things. Ever. It's brilliant, and I thank you.

  5. Loved the detail - esp. the chair "Not to be Taken Away" - great, that. Fine work all around.

  6. Love it. Posted to twitter/FB the Skideshow and video. Cheers!

  7. Loved it a lot. Loved it so much I tried posting it to MetaFilter ( Whatever server you're using couldn't take the load, and now the post has been deleted.

    Just thought you should know that.

  8. this is a fine piece of work and I feel that I am a better person for having read it. thank you.

  9. WHERE CAN I BUY A PRINT COPY OF THIS??! I must have it for my drummer brother for Christmas

  10. Abso-freakin'-lutely brilliant. Inappropriate, of course, but brilliant. Can I get a print copy?

  11. First, I love _Goodnight Moon_ and remember it fondly from my parents reading it to me in the '50s. At first I was a little shocked at "dead Keith", but kept going and by the end found the work very gentle and beautiful, and truly capturing the sadness of that death while slipping in masterful touches of humor and edge. As a Who fan of nearly 36 years, I especially loved the "Goodnight who?" mention. When I got to "Goodnight rockstars/Goodnight pills" I could easily imagine those being lyrics to a Townshend song, specifically "I've Had Enough" from Quadrophenia. Thanks and well done.

  12. Good morning goofy ass grin. This is so much twisted good fun. Thank you. What's next? Maybe Cop on Pop?

  13. Please make hard copies available now. And btw, you will make a mint. Would give to every parent I know.

  14. very good - I love it. Sad but tender with the truth

  15. I think there are only way to top it would be to get either Roger or Pete to read it out loud.

  16. Just loved it...ever so stylish in addressing the rock disasters of that pivotal time when Mama Cass choked on a ham sandwich in bed and Buffy od'ed on horse tranqs. Thanks for the good laugh.

  17. Brilliant. Simply, brilliant.

    Thank you. ; )

  18. Love it! Suggest an animated version, too.

  19. PS

    Who's Next?

    How about Entwhistle?

  20. I keep coming back to Goodnight Keith Moon because it works over and over.

    I laughed when I saw it on the surface. I enjoyed its cleverness and wit. But it kept coming back to haunt me. It was more than a laugh. It's a reminder of a feeling long ago of just starting to grow up and let go of childhood and remembering being so sad at Moon's death. I was 13 when Keith Moon died.

    Maybe the best part: Keith's nature. He'd love it as much as anyone would. And probably get it more than anyone else could.

    There could be no better tribute, either to Keith Moon or childhood. They are both gone forever and much missed.

  21. i read another version of this story hundreds of times [no exageration] to my children.
    now they are old enough to enjoy this [as i did hugely!]
    many thanks

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  23. It would be even better if you corrected the punctuation. There should be a comma after "Goodnight." For example, it should be, "Goodnight, Keith Moon." You might think the comma is not necessary, but some readers might wonder if there is something called "Goodnight sticks." When you punctuate properly, there won't be that problem.

  24. This is incredible. Im a Highschooler at Skyline High School and when I was younger my dad always read "Goodnight Moon." I love the new spin on the original. How can I get one? Oh, I love the fish joke!

  25. Utterly brilliant, as is your taxonomic ditty WhatAboutMe. Loved the chair and the Animal muppet on the bookshelf...will definitely be looking for a print copy of both works!

  26. PayPal info, please, so I can buy a few of any remaining hardcopies!

    I loved the Who (back when they were The Who and the loudest band in rock and roll), now have kids and repeatedly read them Goodnight, this has neatly tied together two somewhat disparate chapters of my life. Brilliant stuff!

  27. I want to thank everyone again for all the support and comments. We recently had 50 copies of GKM printed up, and sold all 50 before they were even back from the printer! We're looking for a publisher now to handle a larger run, and we'll do our best to keep everyone posted if that comes through. Thanks again for spreading the word. The more people show interest in this, the more likely a publisher is to print it!

  28. Ahh, genius. Wonderful detail. I saw this last night just after I read Goodnight Moon to my twins for the millionth time. Now I'm going to start giggling every time I read it to them, thinking of this. Thank you! TAL

  29. I truly, especially love "goodnight who". C'mon, this is fantastic!

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  31. Very funny. How many times have I read the original? A thousand or more. But unlike the original, this didn't make me feel sleepy. I laughed out loud.

  32. According to my daughter Goodnight Moon is the most boring kids book ever, and I have to agree. Thanks for turning that load of rot into a winner! Matt

  33. this is so awesome! thanks for sharing it with the world.

  34. My friend Jim just sent me a hardcopy! It's the best thing I've seen in a long time!

  35. oh dear. that is beauteous. Having grown up with a father & sis listening to the Beatles, The Who and Dylan, this would have been a book that would have fit right in. Love the references...It's a touch sad and I think, not so much creepy to a child as it would be a lesson in death,saying goodbye and how not to overindulge. Kids are much more resilient than we f=give them credit for. John Lennon died when I was 6 and I was not sheltered from the "how" of his death. Go Bruce and Clare!

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